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Über 3.000 Unternehmen und Einzelpersonen nutzen PriorMart zum Schutz ihrer kreativen Werke. Hier erfahren Sie, was unsere Kunden von PriorMart halten.

Skript writer Miriam Frankovic
I choose PriorMart, because it is the cheapest option to have my texts copyrighted, without much effort.
Jochen Neuhaus
As a member of the European Association of Authors "Die Kogge" e. V. I know of many writers and authors, who not often but intensely are hit by problems regarding their copyright. That's why I decided to secure my own literary works with PriorMart and I also recommended PriroMart among my colleagues.
Harris Tsiantos | Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Audio Engineer
I prefer PriorMart because its the easiest way to protect my compositions.
Spiel-Bau GmbH - playground equipment
PriorMart is the most useful innovation to improve copyright protection of the last few years.
Andrea Jaritz
PriorMart is a practical option to document the ongoing development of my work, in order to conclusively comprehend the origin of the individual scores.
caroniax - Character Design
PriorMart offers the most convenient protection of copyright at the best price-quality-ratio. I can upload and notarial deposit new designs and characters on a weekly basis. The monthly cost is tiny compared to the costs that arise when the rights of a profitable character can not be prooven.
Elke A. Sommer, author
For me as a writer PriorMart is self-evident. Where else can I securely document the authorship of my intellectual property so cheaply and easily? One mouse click - I know every creative will consider his/her own rights valuable enough.
Dr. Barzel, online service for real estate evaluation
A good idea will quickly be imitated. That's the way things go and confirms the quality of an idea. But the parties should keep a fair attitude, use their own creations and words and respect the copyright of the other. In case, things go different, you can use Prior Mart to identify the genuine author and regulate the competition. There fore we deposited our business model at a notary, with PriorMart. We commited to the performance of PriorMart.com and can recommend this service.

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